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Joseph Mshana on starting Jemicit Company and JEM's Speakers Club

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Joseph Mshana is a Project 17 National Director living in Tanzania, a country in East Africa. From his work, he truly embodies Project 17’s shared ideals of building a more sustainable, productive, and healthier future for all.

Jemicit Company founder and logo / Courtesy of Joseph Mshana

In his University years, Mshana founded Jemicit Company with the vision of becoming a trusted design thinking company that impacts lives positively and sustainably. Their mission is to provide the most human-centered and relevant information, sustainable solutions, and

ideas to people through the design thinking process. Jemicit company researches and develops visionary human-centered gadgets and products such as MP chair, a chair that can be folded into a pocket. In addition, they share thoughtful daily poems and thoughts through WhatsApp, as well as reaching universities, secondary schools, and advanced level schools through their Maroon 94 expeditions—trips to schools focused on capacity building and vision development.

A timeline of Jemicit Company’s progress / Courtesy of Joseph Mshana

Some of Mshana's Daily Poems / Courtesy of Joseph Mshana

In addition to starting Jemicit Company, Mshana also founded JEM's Speakers Club, an NGO with the vision of building a community that promotes problem-solving and the implementation of sustainable solutions to neglected, sensitive, and vital issues in society. JEM's Speakers Club uses various creative and developmental activities to motivate and educate people, as well as to build a supportive environment for people to be open-minded and speak openly.

JEM's Speakers Club logo and timeline / Courtesy of Joseph Mshana

Some of the NGO’s programs include TOBox, a local broadcast that airs students' insights on academic, artistic, cultural, and health issues, and Youth Set, a platform that integrates students into higher learning institutions through collaborative talks. Additionally, JEM’s Speakers Club also hosts programs designed to build and enhance common ground, as well as to provide a supportive environment for people to speak freely. To celebrate the work of its members, Speakers Club Prizes are also awarded to outstanding and recognizable individuals in

student fellowships.

Through his efforts with Jemicit Company and JEM’s Speakers Club, Joseph Mshana truly promotes sustainability and peace in his local, national, and global communities.

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