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SDG Newsletter - Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

September 26, 2022

Journals of Justice x Project Seventeen EPA Workshop

Join the Journals of Justice and Project Seventeen's workshop focusing on the work of different Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs). Build communication and respectful listening skills, and meet and discuss with people from all over the world!

Date: October 15th, 2022 (US)

Time: 6PM PST or 9AM Beijing Time


Goal 2 | Department of Economic and Social Affairs Numerous conditions such as the COVID-19 pandemic and current war in Ukraine are disrupting supply chains, creating a shocking global food crisis rising 320 million cases a year. As of now, 22% of 149.2 million children are suffering from stunted growth and obesity affects 12.4 million children worldwide. Not only are consumers suffering, but also small scale food producers are receiving less income and are unable to compete with larger scale producers, and women are earning 50-70% of what their male counterparts make. All countries carry the burden of the sudden surge in food prices, due to the shortage of supplies to fulfill demand.

War in Ukraine drives global food crisis | World Food Programme Millions of people are struggling to put food on the table due to a growing food crisis caused by conflict, climate shocks, and COVID-19. Rising costs of food, fuel, and fertilizer as a result of the war in Ukraine has exacerbated this issue. The World Food Programme faces regional risk factors– including the above average intensity hurricane season in the Caribbean and Central America, drought in Eastern Africa, and insufficient funding across the board– which are making it difficult to distribute aid.

'Knocking on famine's door': UN food chief wants action now | AP News In recent years, a larger population is falling into starvation due to various crises. While 80 million people suffered from the food crisis 5 years ago, “the climate problems increased that number to 135 million. The COVID-19 pandemic, which began in early 2020, doubled it to 276 million people…finally, Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, sparking a war and a food, fertilizer and energy crisis that has pushed the number to 345 million.” David Beasley, World Food Program Executive Director is now urging the world’s countries to step up and contribute funds to the UN food security programs.


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Want to learn more? Join us for a discussion to collaborate with students across the world, engage in new perspectives on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and connect with UNA-USA officials and members throughout the country.

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