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SDG Newsletter - Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

January 2, 2023

Member Feature: Emma Xu

Emma Xu, Project 17's Shanghai Regional Director, started the WLSA Project 17 Club at her school to increase awareness of the 17 SDGs through sustainability investigations in partnership with her local community. Learn more about her initiative by reading her participant reflection on our blog! 

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Goal 9 | Department of Economic and Social Affairs Goals 9 aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation, and develop high-quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Other goals include promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, increasing access to small industrial enterprises– especially those in developing countries– to financial services, strengthening scientific research, and improving the technical capacity of the industrial sector in all countries, especially in developing countries. In 2021, the manufacturing industry will recover from the pandemic, but the rebound in all countries will be uneven, and the least developed countries will stagnate. As a result of the pandemic, nearly one third of the jobs in the global manufacturing supply chain were terminated, working hours or wages decreased, or other conditions may have deteriorated. The high-tech industry performed better and recovered faster, which strongly demonstrates the importance of technological innovation to achieve SDG 9. In 2021, the global manufacturing activity will exceed the level before the pandemic, but the recovery is still incomplete and uneven. Small industrial enterprises are still more vulnerable to economic recession than large enterprises because they have limited financial resources and are more dependent on the supply chain. In response to the above problems, governments and the United Nations are constantly adjusting their policies.

Legacy in Action: Qatar 2022’s state-of-the-art transport systems Before the FIFA World Cup located in Qatar, construction on the country’s infrastructure was undergoing. Through a series of negotiations, communications, and meetings between the city designer and the stakeholders, Qatar’s transport infrastructure has been greatly improved both in its inefficiency and speed. This aims to provide the residents and fans with fast transportation during the World Cup. The renewing of the transport infrastructure provides “seamless transitions” for fans to move between stadiums, restaurants, hotels, and more. The system is not only more efficient but also “greener” in the sense that it is designed to be environmentally friendly. This sustainability benefits the residents of Qatar well after the end of the World Cup.

Green Cities: A Sustainable Urban Future in Southeast Asia Major cities in Asia and the Pacific are fostering new ways to create more livable environments, eliminating slums, rivers and unsafe buildings. Unregulated traffic, excessive amounts of pollution and the lack of nature creates poverty and inequity among people. The urbanization, specifically in Asian countries, increases wealth disparities while significantly increasing pollution levels, depriving basic services from the common people. Climate change is disproportionately affecting poor cities, such as Bangladesh, by increasing susceptibility to natural disasters. Despite these factors, urban communities continue to improve lives and raise solutions. To combat these obstacles, services such as recycling, building responsible infrastructure and engaging public voices will drastically improve a green and sustainable environment.


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